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Data Management
  Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea with area of 9250kmē.
Thirty eighth percent (38%) of the area of Cyprus is under Turkish occupation.
The population in the Government controlled area of Cyprus is about 700.000.
Every year the island is visited by more the 2,5 million tourist with an average period of stay of 15 days.
Cyprus is situated in a semi-arid region of the world. Water resources in Cyprus are very limited and expensive to develop.
Water is required both for the domestic and agricultural purposes witch constitute the main uses. Industrial and other uses are limited.
Out of the total water demand, 70% are for irrigation and the remaining 30% for domestic, industrial and tourist uses.
Water Consumption and Quality Data
        Water Board Of Nicosia
Water Board Of Lemesos
Dams of Cyprus
        Dam Construction
Inflow of water to the dams (Hydrological Year)
Water Storage in Dams
Water Storage in Dams on 1st of October (Hydrological Year)
Government Water Works
        Supply of Water from the Government Water Works
Government water works - Domestic Supply Sources
Government water works - Irrigation Supply Sources
Rainfall of Cyprus
Annual Precipitation in Cyprus (Hydrological Year)
Consumption of water by source of water supply  
Energy, Environment